1. First, log into your account through the CSU Rec Online Member Portal

Screenshot depicting step 1 of sign-up process

2. Click on Group Activities in the left column. 

Screenshot depicting step 2 of sign-up process

3. Select the class you would like to attend and click Learn More.
Note: You can sort and search for classes using the forms near the top of the page. 

Screenshot depicting step 3 of sign-up process

4. Select the day and time of the class you would like to attend and click Sign Up. 
Note: Classes will not be open for enrollment more than 5 days in advance. 

Screenshot depicting step 4 of sign-up process

5. You will be prompted to select the profile. If you do not have family members on your account, there should only be one name available. Select your name and click register.

Screenshot depicting step 5 of sign-up process

6. You should see a screen confirming your registration. This means you have successfully registered for the class at the selected class time. 

Screenshot depicting step 6 of sign-up process