Environmental Wellness with Shine Well

It’s more than being green! Respect and appreciation for yourself, your surroundings, and all livings things are important elements of environmental wellness. The key is building awareness for how you impact the environment and understanding the importance of preserving it. Be more environmentally-conscious through the activities and resources below.

CSU Rooftop Garden and Farm Bot

This is only the beginning of what we would like to see at CSU on how to promote health living. The hope is to build an industrial greenhouse in the center of campus so we can have a year-round growing season. We hope the FarmBot is a tool to not only get the conversation started, but a way for us to begin to collaborate in a way that makes us all recognize that we have more in common than we think… we all have to eat and hopefully find other ways to support each other in healthful ways. This is only the beginning of what is possible when we decide to work together on a common goal!

President Bloomberg with students and staff involved with the Rooftop Garden
Students and staff setting up rooftop garden.
Group Photo of those involved in the Farm Bot Project