Meet Our Instructors

Each of our private swim trainers brings a wealth of expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to every lesson. With certifications in water safety, lifeguarding, and specialized swim instruction, our trainers ensure a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

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Private Swim Lesson Fees

 Lesson LengthSession CountStudentsMembersNon-Members
30 Minutes1 Session$20$30$35
30 Minutes5 Sessions$85$135$160
30 Minutes10 Sessions$150$250$300

Semi-Private Swim Lesson Fees

2-3 participants.  Pricing below is per person.  Each person wishing to participate in semi-private lessons needs to complete their own session package purchase in the Pro Shop to have on their account.

 Lesson LengthSession CountStudentsMembersNon-Members
30 Minutes1 session$15$25$30
30 Minutes5 sessions$70$110$135
30 Minutes10 sessions$120$200$250

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