Meet Our Instructors

Irena, Aquatic Supervisor & Lead Private Lesson Swimming Instructor 

Former member of the CSU Swim and Dive Team with a 4-year of experience as a swim instructor. Specializes in beginner and advanced adult swim lessons. If your goals are swimming for fitness, triathlon, or overcoming your fears, you are in the right place. Individually designed swim sessions will help you achieve your goal at the exact pace you need, with the exercises you need. If you are a beginner, we’ll start with floating and kicking on the front and back. Then move on to treading water and adding arms to your stroke. If you are already comfortable with your stroke, we’ll use video analysis to help make your swimming effortless. Hope to see you on the pool deck!

Eman, Lifeguard & Swimming Instructor

Eman is a Business Economics Major at Cleveland State. He has been a lifeguard for 4 years, and a swim instructor for 2 years. Eman loves teaching kids and adults how to swim. He finds joy in watching his students progressively get better at swimming!

Zak, Aquatic Supervisor & Swimming Instructor

Quinn, Lifeguard & Swimming Instructor

Private Swim Lesson Fees

 Lesson LengthSession CountStudentsMembersNon-Members
30 Minutes1 Session$20$30$35
30 Minutes5 Sessions$85$135$160
30 Minutes10 Sessions$150$250$300

Semi-Private Swim Lesson Fees

2-3 participants.  Pricing below is per person.  Each person wishing to participate in semi-private lessons needs to complete their own session package purchase in the Pro Shop to have on their account.

 Lesson LengthSession CountStudentsMembersNon-Members
30 Minutes1 session$15$25$30
30 Minutes5 sessions$70$110$135
30 Minutes10 sessions$120$200$250

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