Guest Passes

Price: $15/pass

A valid state ID and a signed liability waiver are required for all guests. All guests have to be member-sponsored or self-sponsored into the facility. Members may sponsor up to 3 guests/day.

If a guest chooses to leave the facility, they must provide the receipt indicating the current date and a valid picture ID for re-entry.

Member-Sponsored Guests

Both the sponsoring member and their guest(s) are required to sign a service agreement stating the following:

  • Member assumes responsibility for all guest actions. 
  • Guest(s) must enter and exit the facility with their sponsoring member. 
  • Guest(s) may not check out equipment. 5-Punch Pass
  • The daily guest pass is non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot serve as credit for membership. 

Self-Sponsored Guests

A guest may self-sponsor under the following circumstances:

  • Current CSU faculty/staff member (must provide a valid Viking Card) 
  • Previous CSU Rec Center member
  • 5-punch Pass

Additional Guest Pass policies and eligibility requirements apply. View all Guest Pass information.

5-Punch Passes

Whether you’re looking for a new home gym, visiting from out of town, or simply avoiding uncooperative weather, we have your back! You can purchase a 5-Punch Pass for five separate entries into the CSU Rec Center.

Price: $65/pass

  • Pass visits may only be used by the purchaser of the pass within three (3) weeks of the purchase date.
  • Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All Guest Pass policies and eligibility requirements apply to 5-Punch Pass guests.