Can anyone access the Busbey Natatorium?

Dues-paying members and guests are eligible to use the Natatorium. It is important to note that the Natatorium is a shared facility space with Athletics. Therefore, members and guests may see swim teams of all ages utilizing the space.

Where can I find information about lane availability?

University Recreation and Wellbeing works very closely with CSU Athletics to ensure that we have dedicated lanes for recreational swimming available for our members and guests during all operational hours. However, swim team practices and meets may modify the location and availability of recreational swim. Changes to Rec Swim availability and pool access can be found on our website.

Where can I find information about pool closures?

CSU University Recreation and Wellbeing posts information for unplanned closures on our website, through our social media outlets, recreation center mobile app, and via internal signage. Planned closures can be found on our website or in our monthly newsletters.

Why do you switch lanes from short course to long course?

The course length is based on the needs of the college since the space is shared with CSU Athletics specifically for the Swimming & Diving teams. Swim teams will compete in short course at the collegiate, high school, and junior levels, whereas those participating in USA Swimming will train in long course.

Facility Operations

Why are locker rooms and second-floor restrooms cleaned early in the morning and not in the evening?

Our Facilities staff cleans the locker rooms and second-floor bathrooms prior to the facility opening. Based on our standard operating procedures, and our attendance numbers, it has proven to be more feasible to deep clean these spaces prior to the building opening. More people are in our facility in the evening, as opposed to the morning, therefore allowing the staff time to deep clean the facility in a timely manner for our early morning members and guests. In the evening the facility remains busy, and in turn, the staff focuses on tearing down all facility rentals and removing all trash located in the facility.

Why are there no rubber mats in or outside of the shower stalls?

Rubber mats are not located in the shower, or outside of the shower, because of the potential for mold and mildew growth.

How do you determine what plays on the televisions?

We conduct annual surveys regarding the options for television stations that allow our members to vote on which television stations they’d like to see. Once the survey is completed, the staff changes the televisions to the respective “winning” television stations. Throughout the year these stations may change for local sporting events and the Olympics. If you ever notice that one of our televisions is on the incorrect station, please notify one of our staff members so they can change the station.

Will you ever get new cardio theater systems located on your cardio machines?

We are currently transitioning away from the cardio theater boxes that allow you to listen to TV broadcasts while you use cardio equipment. In the meantime, we recommend using Tunity! Tunity, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to scan a TV and stream the audio directly to your device. No missing important parts of your favorite show- the app works anywhere in the facility!

Fitness & Wellness

How do you determine the group fitness class times, variety, and level of intensity?

Group Fitness classes are determined by previous class participation counts, facility availability, industry trends, and instructor availability. Classes are for all fitness levels. We invite you to come to class a few minutes early to discuss your specific needs with the instructor. They can provide options for you to modify or intensify each exercise. Class schedules do change on a semester basis, so be sure to check our website for the most up-to-date schedule.

How do I know if a class or program has been canceled?

CSU University Recreation and Wellbeing posts information for unplanned class cancellations on our website, through our social media outlets, and via internal signage. Planned cancellations or program modifications will be emailed to registered program participants, but can also be found here or in our monthly newsletters. If you are not receiving these updates, sign up today!

Member & Guest Services

Why are we charged for the whole month when you are shut down for a week for Annual Maintenance Shutdown?

When we do cost analysis for the membership rates, the closure is factored into the cost of an annual membership, which is then broken down into 12-month increments. So while it may seem like that week is lost, in actuality, the closure has already been factored into the membership rates.

Why can’t my membership and parking pass renewal coincide?

University Recreation and Wellbeing and Parking & Transportation Services are two separate entities with oversight of overlapping but different operations. Management of all parking facilities, procedures, and parking pass purchases are part of Parking & Transportation Services as they have jurisdiction over all parking operations on campus. So, renewal schedules for parking passes and Rec Center memberships follow different timetables based on the requirements of each operation. 

Pro Shop Operations

Why is my Viking Card/Rec ID required when purchasing a program, service, or good in the Pro Shop?

Sales completed in the Pro Shop must be sold under the member’s account to assist with processing refunds or resolving issues with programs and services purchased. Additionally, RecRewards points are awarded to members for all purchases made in the Pro Shop. When purchases are not placed on your account, you will not be awarded points.

How do you choose what is sold in the Pro Shop?

Our Marketing staff works hard to design apparel that is unique to the Recreation Center, affordable for our members and guests, and varies from the traditional apparel that you typically find in the university bookstore. The staff has also worked diligently to offer nutritional options for our members and guests while abiding by university guidelines for protein and energy product selection. Whether it be protein and energy products, apparel, or goods, the Recreation Center works towards providing you with quality products at an affordable price.