Locker Rental Options

Lockers are available in both the Rec Center as well as the Main Classroom building. PLUS, locker rentals include FREE towel service at the Rec! Monthly and semesterly rental options provide an easy way to reserve your locker for as long as you need it. Get your locker today!

  • Standard 15-inch Locker: $10/month
    • Women’s Locker Room: #1-106; 159-294
    • Men’s Locker Room: #387-440; 475-604
  • Premium 18-inch Locker: $13/month
    • Women’s Locker Room: #107-158
    • Men’s Locker Room: #305-386; 441-474

NOTE: CSU students are only allowed a semester standard locker at no cost provided they are enrolled in the current semester.

Examples of the new lockers being placed in the facility

Additional Options

  • Free day-use lockers located on each floor (must remove belongings prior to the building closing).
    • 1st Floor: Inclusive Restroom Hallway & MAC Gym (must bring your own lock); Near table tennis (program your own combination)
    • 2nd Floor: Cardio Row & Main Gym (program your own combination)
    • 3rd Floor: Weight Room & Track (program your own combination)
  • Please utilize these lockers as personal items and bags are not permitted on the fitness floor or throughout the gymnasium.

For more info, please see our Locker Policies.


A towel is just one more thing you have to remember to pack and then store all day, which can be a nuisance. Why not take advantage of our Towel Service and save yourself the hassle!?  Plus, it’s FREE to all members renting a locker from the Recreation Center! Don’t have a locker? That’s ok! Get a monthly or semesterly Towel Card and save a little cash over the daily rate.

All towels must be checked out and returned to the Customer Service Desk. Equipment Issue is located at the Customer Service Desk at the front of the facility. There is no need to wait in line to return your towel. Simply drop your towel into the hamper at the end of your workout.

NOTE: failure to return your towel to Equipment Issue will result in a $10 charge. For those that utilize the daily towel rental, the fee is $2 and has the same check-out/check-in procedures.

Towel Card

The Towel Card is a way to get unlimited towel service without having to purchase a locker. You may purchase the Towel Card at the Pro Shop.

  • $8.50/month

NOTE: CSU students are only allowed a semester towel card provided they are enrolled in the current semester.